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Unlock the financial potential of charitable donations

WeGive Ventures is a social enterprise that aims to maximise the tax benefits of charitable giving. No matter how large or small your donation or your charity, technology levels the playing field and ensures all tax is reclaimed.


Only one quarter of your higher rate tax donors reclaim the additional tax relief to which they are entitled. This may be as much as £1.5bn. Even fewer donate this sum to charity. Encourage your donors to register and log their donations and to then re-donate to you.


An estimated £1.5bn of charitable tax relief remains unclaimed by higher rate taxpayers in England and Wales alone. Monitor your activities and make sure you take back control of your giving. You choose.


Re-invigorate your Payroll Giving and engage your employees to choose how and when they donate their pre-tax income. Match their donations, report on the activity of the company, connect with local or cause-related charities. WeGive Ventures provides a dynamic way for employees to manage their charitable giving.


Fixing broken Gift Aid

Reconnecting the tax relief back to the charities. Most higher rate taxpayers are unaware of the sums remaining unclaimed or even that they can reclaim additional sums. Even if higher rate taxpayers do reclaim their higher rate relief, the connection to charitable giving is broken. Moreover, many transactions that are charitable in nature for tax purposes remain unnoticed or unlogged. Many tickets to venues such as the Tate or Regents Park Zoo are Gift Aid-able and therefore qualify for higher rate tax; regular church-goers will notice they are asked to tick a box on the back of their envelope so the church can reclaim Gift Aid; scout groups and community amateur sports clubs can claim for membership fees. Not many reclaim any higher rate tax due to them and potentially available for donation.

For example, a scout group has 60 members each paying £100/year membership fees. This totals £6,000 and Gift Aid would provide an additional £1,500. If half of the payers were higher rate taxpayers this could result in an additional tax relief payment of £750 or 10%. We aim to fix this by logging every transaction that triggers a tax-relief ‘event’, giving the donor the option to re-donate this sum, and ensuring this tax is reclaimed from HMRC.

We believe you should choose where your income goes, not the Treasury.

Re-invigorating Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is the most tax efficient way to donate to charity. Unfortunately only 2% of the working population takes advantage of this. This is because, like Gift Aid, it is a cumbersome solution forged in the 1980s and 90s so unable to take advantage of technological advances. Only £130m is donated each year via payroll giving. We aim to invigorate this market to increase the numbers of people using this service, increase the amount given, and to maximise engagement with charitable giving and businesses Corporate Social Responsiblity goals.



Your Choice


Channel your tax relief for good

Gift Aid and higher rate tax relief are not gifts from HMRC, they are simply returning tax paid. Don’t let government decide how your tax is spent. We ensure that all your pre-tax donations are used where and how you want. You choose.


Connect charitable giving with tax relief

We want to log every charitable transaction, claim all the tax relief due, and give you the option to redonate this money to the organisation of your choice. You choose.


Large or small, technology for all

We provide the ability to connect with supporters no matter how small you are. Promote your causes and make it easy for higher rate taxpayers to support you.


Our Team.

We have a diverse background in technology, finance and civil society.

David Brocklebank

David Brocklebank


Focussed on how the private and social sector can work together for greater efficiencies. How do we create a level playing field for tax efficient giving no matter how large or small the donation or the recipient in the UK and beyond?

Shaun Blake

Shaun Blake


A proven leader with 20+ years’ experience across Financial Services and Consulting. Since 2013, an active entrepreneur involved internationally in several start-ups. Always looking to apply modern solutions to solve old problems.

Owain McGuire

Owain McGuire


A technology evangelist specialising in enterprise-class integration and transaction processing systems, belies his business acumen. He has years of experience in channel sales and technology strategy and is energised by the opportunity to help charities.


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